The Yarn Lady's

Stitch Counter App

The Yarn Lady's Stitch Counter App is designed to be an easy to use crochet or knit stitch counter and project manger. It includes features such as: project name and description so you can keep track of what your working on. Start and due date to remind you of project deadlines. The counter's stitch multiplier allows you to set number of stitches per click. So you don't have to click the Stitch Count button for every stitch you make in the work. Finally, the Row Counter button resets the Stitch Counter to zero when starting a new row.

Adding Projects

To set up a new project press the slider button on the top left side of the screen then select New Project from the menu. From the the new project screen you can set the name of the project, its description, the type of project it is (knit or crochet) and the start and due dates. Save the project onces you have enters all the information.

Editing Projects

To edit a project, click the project from the projects list to open the counter screen. From the counter screen click the Details button, to open the project details screen. You can edit all the information about the proejct from here.

Stitch Multiplier

The stitch Multiplier allow you to set the number of stitches that will count for one click on the device. So if you wanted to complete 20 stitches before you need to click the counter you can set the multipler to 20 if you want to click the device after each stitch then you simply set the multiplier to one.

Reset Stitch Count

The rest counter feature resets the stitch and row counts to zero.

Edit Stitch Count

To edit your counts, simply click the edit button from the counter screen. Here you can edit your stitch and row counter totals.